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From January 20 to 22, a grandiose and significant event in the winter fashion industry took place at the Istanbul Congress Center - the LeShow Istanbul 2022 International Exhibition. Once again over the past 2 years, the organizers of LeShow have done the impossible by holding a large-scale and effective event for industry professionals.

Season 3 of LeShow Istanbul brought together 77 manufacturing companies of more than 80 fashion brands from 10 countries (Turkey, Denmark, South Korea, England, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Russian Federation, Slovenia and Greece) and 6492 professional visitors purchasing, manufacturers, designers and other fashion industry players, of which 2266 are overseas wholesale buyers from 65 countries in Europe, North America, the Far East, the Middle East and North Central Asia.

Exhibitors easily found new partners from a number of European countries, but most of the contracts invariably fell on buyers from Russia (about 65%). After all, it is the Russian market that is considered the most stable and capacious in terms of demand for outerwear.

Thanks to the LeShow Istanbul International Buyer Program, about 1,000 stores and chains from 30 countries were able to send their representatives to the exhibition and place orders with all participants interested in expanding export volumes.

Within the framework of the exhibition, a spectacular series of gala shows of the brands New Ar, Gata Fur, Dio Gomez, SANSAR, Boni Pelle, Mila Bolieva was held, which attracted the attention of numerous celebrities and fashion media journalists. The Freedom by Ambient clothing collection from the world-famous model and Miss Russian Splendor titleholder Mila Bolieva was represented on the catwalk by the famous singer and actor Jamie Belevi.

Star guests came to follow the new winter fashion trends and support LeShow Istanbul: theater and film actress Serafima Nizovskaya, bloggers Nika Agarzayeva, Pinar Yaranir, Yumit Temurchin, Tuana Yucel, Melek Ichmeli, Yonca Kujanav, actresses Akasaya Asli, Nila Firat, Gunel Zeynalova , head of the Istanbul Advertisers Association Gülay Sale and many others.

On the opening day, guests and exhibitors were invited to a cocktail party, which was accompanied by live performances by the brilliant FIRUZE, DJ SERHAN SOKULGAN & SERKAN BAYKAL.

The organizers of the exhibition express their special gratitude to the Turkish Ministry of Commerce, the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the Istanbul Leather and Leather Goods Association (IDMIB), the General Secretariat of the Istanbul Textile and Clothing Exporters Associations (ITKIB) and the International Fur Federation (IFF) for strategic and administrative support.

ООО «Шебекинская индустриальная химия»
Меховой полуфабрикат, ателье Санкт-Петербург "Furcraft"
Греческая Меховая фабрика "Avanti"
Пятигорская меховая фабрика "Rokar"
Меховая фабрика "Konstantinou Furs" factory
oldrim180x70 new.jpg
Греческая Меховая фабрика "Casiani"
fur factory INNOV меховая фабрика
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