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Beijing International Fur And Leather Products Exhibition(BIFE), 21-23 March 2023

Beijing International Fur And Leather Products Exhibition (abbr. BIFE), which has a history of 46 exhibitions, was suspended for two sessions in 2021 and 2022 due to the COVID19. In the history of previous exhibitions, BIFE had always been the largest and most important trading and information exchange platform for fur garment manufacture,

raw materials, tanning and dyeing, as well as accessories and machinery equipment in China, helping many fur garment manufacture areas in China to go global with their various products. BIFE also attracted buyers and traders from many countries in Europe, America and Asia.

Among buyers from many countries, Russian customers have always been the most

important customer group for exhibitors. Although Russia's overall purchase volume in

some years is lower than that of Japan or South Korea, most Chinese manufacturers,

especially those in Hebei, have a long history of fur products trading with Russian

customers and customers from Eastern European countries. Due to specific climatic

condition and cultural traditions, Russia maintains a "rigid demand" for fur clothing. No

matter what class of consumers, fur clothing is almost a necessity of life, unlike some

other countries, where fur garment is more of a trend or status symbol, has only a few


Although most Chinese fur manufacturers have not met with Russian buyers face to face for two years, most of them has still been paying attention to the Russian market. It is learned that the demand for high-end sable and other luxury varieties in the Russian

market has increased in the past two years; the demand for winter clothing made of

composite materials such as winter clothing with fur and parka has increased among

young Russian consumers. Manufacturers from Hong Kong and manufacturers from

many production areas in Hebei have registered to participate in the exhibition, and have prepared a wealth of products, including various styles of sable coats, lynx coats, mink clothing, parkas, cashmere coats with fur, down jackets or winter outwears with fur, actively welcome the visit of Russian guests.

In order to better serve exhibitors and welcome visitors, 2023 BIFE organizing committee will provide 2-night accommodation in 4-star hotels around the venue for all Russian buyers present. If you need on-site Russian translation, the organizing committee will also coordinate arrangements.

2023 BIFE Intl invitation letter-sample-revised
Download PDF • 397KB

Organizing committee would also like to provide the official invitation letter for Russian visitors for the visa application purpose.

Russian merchants who need above services, please contact as

soon as possible with our information partner:

Alexander Makukha

"Fashion Fur & Leather" magazine





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