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The International Fur & Leather Expo 2023 - Kazakhstan.

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

The IFF’s International Fur and Leather Expo comes to The Rixos Almaty Hotel, May 22 - 24 2023, promising great networking and partnerships within the fur and leather fashion industry.

After hosting two successful Expos in 2019 and 2022, IFF is now set to visit Kazakhstan for its next edition of the Fur and Leather Exhibition, in the heart of Kazakhstan; Almaty. Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan and is the financial, economic and cultural center of Central Asia.

The IFF is excited to welcome its exhibitors to Kazakhstan and invites you to join them as they showcase their finest collections to a market that is thriving with business prospects. It is an opportunity to meet fashion industry experts, learn more about foreign markets, and be able to see and order artisanal fur and leather products from all around the world. Visitors and buyers alike will be able to meet various international manufacturers and retailers and create lucrative and long-lasting partnerships.

The IFF expects valuable participation from companies from Italy, Greece, Germany, Turkey, China, Canada and more, much like the international exhibitors it had secured in Seoul the year before. The event in Seoul welcomed guests from all over Asia. These included buyers from well-established department stores and independent boutiques, government representatives from Korea, Greece and Turkey, and Press. The event recorded a considerable number of sales transactions, as well as encouraging successful connections. The event was also widely covered through TV, print, and online interviews in Korean and International media. We anticipate seeing the same calibre of visitors and guests in Kazakhstan, thanks to our extensive network.

2023’s fair in Kazakhstan promises bigger and greater opportunities, with exhibitors selling an array of products, from garments, to trims, and accessories. The items will include Sable, Mink, Chinchilla and Fox fur, as well as leather accessories, shearling jackets, and so much more.

Kazakhstan is part of the IFF Eurasian region and borders China and Russia, so it is at the center of the global fur trade. It traditionally attracts visitors globally from the main fur markets. This is the reason why the IFF chose Almaty as its host city.

To join the IFF’s International Fur and Leather Expo 2023, please register on and receive your personal badge to guarantee entry. Spaces are limited so please register promptly. Also follow the IFF Fairs Instagram account @ifffairs for regular updates on what to expect at the 2023 fair.

The IFF looks forward to welcoming you there.

For any queries related to exhibiting, or visiting, please write to



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