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Out of the Woods by Joint Efforts --

A Great Success for China (Beijing) International Fur Fashion Fair


2018 China (Beijing) International Fur Fashion Fair/BEIJING FUR was

successfully held on May 23-25 at No.11 Exhibition Hall of National Agricultural

Exhibition Center during the delightful transition from spring to summer.

Hosted by China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce

(CFNA), BEIJING FUR 2018, with an exhibition area of 13,000 m2, attracted

hundreds of domestic top fur companies, governmental delegations from places

renowned for fur, famous companies from Greece, Italy, the United States and Russia,

together with media representatives.

In-depth Market Research on Pain-points

BEIJING FUR 2018 has always aimed at creating a professional exhibition best

aware of fur market through diving into and pinpointing pain-points of the fur

industry. To better connect exhibition service with fur industry, the organizing

committee entrusted hundreds of staffs to send desk calendars and invitation of

BEIJING FUR to nearly 1,000 companies in Italy, Russia, Turkey, Germany, South

Korea, Japan, the United States and Hong Kong, together with more than 8,000

domestic fur merchants from 42 cities and 294 fur cities across China. It radiated 400

high-end shopping centers in 24 major cities and 1,600 independent fur shops in 34

cities of THREE NORTH-EASTERN PROVINCES (namely, HeiLongJiang, JiLin

Highlighted Business Value from Concentration of High-end Industrial Brands

BEIJING FUR 2018 prioritized on promoting business cooperation between

exhibitors and buyers for maximum amount of orders and to realize the value of

presence in the fair. Since its inception, business cooperation has become ever more

frequent during the fair. Exhibitors including hundreds of domestic famous brands

like Regal Fur, Mingmen, Zhengtai, Meijin, QSZI, Fuyadi, Musa, TEP, Top

Fabution.33, industrial clusters like TongErPu, Xinji and ZaoQiang in Hebei

province, Lu Kou in Nanjing city and Yu Yao in Zhejiang province, and international

representatives from Greece, Italy, the United States and Russia, made amazing

presence on BEIJING FUR 2018 Visitors were equally impressive both in the

number, 6,000 totally from 152 cities of 29 provinces and municipalities across

China, so as in its quality and professionalism, including mainly wholesalers,

retailers, manufacturers, merchants of raw material, fashion buyers and designers,

among which 46% were wholesalers and retailers, 40% were managers, and 29.33%

were purchasers.

Fashion Oriented, Fur in Vogue

The Fur Fashion Night, under the theme of TIME, gathering together 9 top fur

brands to present fur fashion trend for autumn and winter, highlighted BEIJING FUR

2018 In the new era, fur industry is expected to produce fashionable designs suitable

to the time whilst honoring eco-friendliness and new fashion. Top 10 Chinese Fur

Brands in China for 2018 were announced during the Gala Night, including

Crystoline, Shulan, Mingmen, Enaga, KC Fur, Maryglenn, QSZI, Saidini, HERDERS

and FELEFASA. And Chinese New Fur Fashion Brands 2018 were presented to

Fuyadi, TEP and Top Fabution.33.

China (Beijing) International Fur Fashion Fair keeps its root in Chinese fur

industry by continuing market research to identify industrial pain-points. More orders

will be placed during more frequent communication and fur fashion exhibition will

interpret trends.

Wish to meet you again in BEIJING FUR 2019

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