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Fur Excellence in Athens 2018, International Fur Fair: Optimism Returns


15% increase in confirmed orders and 20% in the number of products bought on site


Fur Excellence in Athens 2018, International Fur Fair, finished with great success, in a critical moment for the Fur Industry. Fur Excellence in Athens 2018, International Fur Fair was held in the most modern exhibition center of Greece, the Metropolitan Expo, in an area of 45.000 sq.

The turnover of the sales and orders placed during the exhibition is up to 10% compared to FEA 2017. The biggest volume of transactions has taken place in the third day of the Fur Excellence in Athens 2018. More than 1350 persons in total attended the fair. Almost all of them consisted of overseas buyers the majority of who were from Russia, Ukraine, Siberia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Latvia, etc.  The latter together with the Koreans, and Chinese visitors consisted the biggest buyers of fur and leather products.

Over than 75% of the commercial visitors were from Former Soviet Union countries, 5% from China, 5% from Korea, and 15% from other countries (USA, Europe, etc).  Regarding the categories of the visitors, 80% were buyers, 4% from the Fur Industry, 3% from tanneries, 8% from the Clothing Industry, 3% from Universities and Schools of Design, 2% persons from Department Stores.

Various events have taken place during the days of the Fair. The opening was marked with the Fur Fashion Show which attracted 400 attendees on situe and another 800 online since for the first time a Fur Gala Show has been transmitted live.  More than 3.700 viewers watched the show in the following days.

  1. he ‘Discovering Fur Excellence Workshop’ supported by several members and associates of Hellenic Association of Furriers was attended by students of numerous fashion and design Greek schools.  With the assistance of expert fur technicians who worked at the model Fur Factory operated right on the spot, their enthusiasm hit its pick when they presented their own proposals for the project which they were assigned.  Love for the fur touched them all, undoubtedly.

SAGAFURS, one of FEA’s sponsors, introduced the interested visitors to the world of fur fashion informing them about the latest fur fashion trends.Focus was given at the fur techniques developed at Saga’s design center.

The Greek Young Designers’ Competition sponsored by NAFA and HAF concluded during FEA and the results were announced on the final day of the fair.Two of the finalists won the grand prize offered by NAFA which includes a free trip to NAFA’s Headquarters in Toronto, Canada to attend a one week fur workshop along with young designers from other countries of the world.

Fur Excellence in Athens 2018, International Fur Fair’s exhibitors expressed their satisfaction for the results of a well-organized event and especially for the good-scale orders placed.

Fur Excellence in Athens 2019, International Fur Fair will take place between 29-31/03/2019.

ООО «Шебекинская индустриальная химия»
Меховой полуфабрикат, ателье Санкт-Петербург "Furcraft"
Пятигорская меховая фабрика "Rokar"
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Греческая Меховая фабрика "Casiani"
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